Ergonomic Jawi Keyboard

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This keyboard will requires at least Unicode 1.1.5 compliance in order for all Jawi, Pegon, Persia and Ottoman characters to connect to proper initial, medial and final characters correctly.

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After installed, Enable and then Select "Ergonomic Jawi Keyboard" in the keyboard in language & input setting. Quick access is available via Keyboard apps button.

1. All Malay Jawi and Pegon characters are included.
2. All standard Arabic characters are included.
3. All Persia and Ottoman characters are included.
4. The arrangement of Jawi characters in the keyboard are based on a new standard for mobile (proposed by Saadson). Refer Wiki 'Papan Kekunci Ergonomik'. The new standard will allow speed and effectiveness in Jawi script writing.
5. Unicode Arabic Ligature Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem available through hold press Character ب
6. Unicode Arabic Ligature Sallallahou Alayhe Wasallam available through hold press Character ﺹ
7. Unicode Arabic Signs for Honorifics like RAHMATULLAH ALAYHE are added in Symbols Layout.
8. Hamzah 3/4, ZWNJ and ZWJ are added.
9. JAWI EXPRESS in Setting to automate Rumi transliterate to jawi while typing.
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